"Fantastic company with outstanding standards!!!Positive attitude to satisfy even fussy customer (as myself). I am truly impressed! and thankful I have found them. Went through private cleaners (a lot, who where coming and going as studying, finding better jobs etc), professional companies (who unfortunately often employ people with no skills, where you pay money and your flat is just touched, not cleaned). I have moved from [Name of company removed by us] a few months ago and its not even that my house looks better then ever, cleaning costs 30% less!!! And the job is done to the very high standards! They are also very flexible, when we have our bathroom done lately. No problem with moving days at all. Just what you want from your cleaner! Clean house, with no problems. Respecting all your wishes. Feedback goes well. Very pleased."

"I am very very happy with Richard and his team. Efficient, friendly, trustworthy and reliable - we booked last minute and they booked us straight away and did not let us down. The house was very clean and I am a very picky person. I would recommend them to everyone."

It's a pleasure to write this review. THANK YOU GUYS!!! I recommended you to my friends and would also recommend to everyone out there looking for help!"

"I employed a cleaner because as a busy working Mum I needed one less thing to worry about. What I love about Brighton Housekeeping is they employ good people and empower them to do a good job. And the management keep on top of everything and ask for feedback. I love coming home on Tuesdays to a spotless house with everything so thoughtfully arranged."

"The pricing scheme is simple - you pay for a job to be done, not for a period of time, so you are guaranteed to get a full clean, every time. Customer service is great and the team react quickly to any changes you ask for. Definitely the best cleaning service I've come across in Brighton."

"Efficient, friendly and reliable. I would highly recommend Brighton Housekeeping they make your life easier and take the hassle away."

"This is by far the best cleaning company I've used. Richard is really lovely to deal with, and very helpful. Our cleaner is amazing, and very sweet and friendly. How she manages to get our house clean so quickly I'll never know. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone."

"Richard and his team faced an enormous challenge with our (quite large) house. Three children and five cats had taken a terrible toll, yet four hours later the entire place is absolutely pristine. Richard is a consummate professional, delivers exactly what he promises and prices his work very competitively. I would recommend Brighton Housekeeping to anyone".

"Thanks very much for the excellent deep clean of our old flat. Also a bit of feedback from yesterday - Our cleaner did an excellent job on our new place, in fact he left the bathroom and kitchen looking significantly cleaner and more gleaming than the previous tenant's deep clean did."

"If you want a first-class job, then Brighton Housekeeping is the company to use. Brighton Housekeeping is much better than other cleaners I have used previously. My cleaner is really good, with a lovely manner, and who obviously cares about doing everything well."

"Since having Brighton Housekeeping we have been very pleased with their service to us, Our cleaner is very reliable and trustworthy and does an excellent job for us. Richard runs a good business."


"We used BHK for a spring clean and have been really impressed with the professionalism, attention to detail and thoroughness. Our home is literally sparkling after BHK's effort. Most cleaners do a superficially good job, but BHK really get into the areas that others simply don't reach. We would recommend this service to others."

"Without doubt the best cleaner I have ever employed. The meticulous attention to detail is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending this service to others. I used to think my previous cleaner was good, but this service is in a different league."

"This was a deep clean of a flat in preparation for letting. The flat was left spotless, inmmaculate and sweet-smelling; the standard of work was very thorough and fairly priced for the level of service and the work involved. I was delighted and would not hesitate to recommend Richard and his company."

"Richard has great attention to detail, not only does the house sparkle (I didn't believe it could be as gleaming), it smells super-fresh too. We have already recommended Brighton Housekeeping to a friend with very exacting standards."

"Excellent work & relaible"

"Great attention to detail & the flat really did smell clean too!."

"While I am very happy indeed with the service, it is a little more than I was intending to pay. But it is so good, I consider it a treat."

"A fantastic job at both my work studio and at home. I fully recommend this service."

"Our cleaner is efficient, thorough and shows great initiative. He doesn't need anyone to micro-manage him, he just gets on with it and does a great job. I would recommend this service to others."

"Our cleaner is amazing- friendly, lovely just so nice in every way and is a pleasure to have around. The standard of his cleaning is wonderful. A big thanks to him for his positive attitude- he's great :-)."

"I am a fussy, picky sort with unreasonably high standards but I congratulate Richard and the BH team for consistently delivering first-class results. Reliable, trustworthy, personable, thorough and professional - putting the customer first in age where great service seems to be a dying art."

"Many thanks to you and the team for all your hard work yesterday, the flat looked great - my partner was really impressed with how clean you had managed to get everything, especially as we have been there 10 years! Our agency fed back to us today that there were no issues with cleanliness in the flat - so thank you for your help with this.."

"What a charming company. Efficient, well organised and made everything look great."

"It's a relief to find a reliable and respectful home cleaning service like Brighton Housekeeping. We would not hesitate to recommend them for the high standard of cleaning they provide."

"These guys are very professional and reliable, and all very friendly and nice people. The work they do is very good, and I trust them alone in my house. Much more professional than the individuals I've used before."

"Clear, upfront information and philosophy, believable testimonials, good early results, good comms."

"Over the past year we have tried three local cleaning companies but were not happy with the results. We continued our search and, thankfully, we found Brighton Housekeeping. Their staff are pleasant to be around and completely self-motivated. They hardly ever need to be given guidance, but when they do they listen and take it on without any hurt feelings or dispute, which, sadly, hasn't always been the case with our former housekeepers. Our home is now consistently the cleanest its ever been; and our shirts are finally wrinkle-free, thanks to their excellent ironing service."

"I unreservedly recommend Brighton Housekeeping. They work fast, achieve an astounding result akin to a sparkle clean each week of my four storey property and in less time than any other housekeeping company I have previously engaged. The bathrooms are left beautifully clean and I am very fussy! The kitchen gets the works too. I am some twelve weeks into my association with Brighton Housekeeping and have not once had cause to criticise or complain, the highest standards have been consistently maintained. The commitment to quality exudes from this company. The weekly waxing of my furniture, shining floors, spotless white work and beautifully arranged bedding and sofas are a beacon of their standards. I trust them implicitly in my home which they attend to with courtesy and evident care. Everything I mentioned in my original interview has been heard and met completely, right down to leaving things as you find them (you know the feeling when the cleaner leaves and you have to reassemble your home!) Brighton Housekeeping can be relied upon to deliver week in week out all they have agreed to provide and, in fact, regularly surpass what is expected of them. I am blissfully happy to have finally found the dream housekeeper. Richard runs his company with a true quality ethos at its core and his price is very good value for money. Thank you for the pretty vase of spring flowers which awaited our return from holiday!"  

"We know that the same person will always turn up and be on time. You ask for feedback and listen to what we ask for. Attention to detail is very good. You obviously care about, and take pride, in what you do."


"I am just delighted. Brighton Housekeeping took care of all sorts of little details that are normally overlooked. It was a superb job and I highly recommend them."

"It is so lovely to come home to a clean, sparkling flat that smells gorgeous."