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We are Brighton Housekeeping, a leading Brighton and Hove-based professional domestic cleaning company established in 2011.  We deliver a high-quality, reliable cleaning service provided by professional, friendly, trusted cleaners in Brighton & Hove.

Our pricing scheme is simple – we do not charge you an hourly rate; instead, we charge you a price for the job, so you are guaranteed to get a full cleaning service every time.

We are a local company and not an agency. All of our professional cleaners are employed by us, DBS checked and paid above the Living Wage. They all undergo our 3-stage selection/training process to ensure they meet our high standards.

Why our most recent customers chose Brighton Housekeeping:

Level of reviews and ease of booking.
Best website and reviews I found doing a google search.
Excellent reviews, local company to me, clear principles.
Feedback and reviews are excellent and price is competitive. Website and set-up appears very professional.
We really like the idea of activity focussed cleaning rather than by the hour !

Keep the
same cleaner
each time

per visit

DBS checked,
vetted cleaners
employed by us

SOS one-off visits
in Brighton & Hove

High demand – Our most popular services


Suitable for:

Flats Only

Kitchen, 1-2 bedrooms,
1 reception and 1 bathroom


Suitable for:

+Windows or Bed Linen

Kitchen, 2-3 bedrooms,
2 receptions and 1 bathroom

Standard Plus

Suitable for:

Kitchen, 2-3 bedrooms,
2 receptions and 1 bathroom

3 hours

If you don't need a regular cleaner but need some occasional help. Use us when you choose.

“Brighton Housekeeping is a great company. Their cleaners are incredibly well trained and I return to a spotless flat once a week. However, the reason for my choosing them was simply that they pay their workers properly.

I think cleaning is a tough job and should be remunerated properly. By paying that little bit more not only do their cleaners get holiday pay and money paid into a pension, but in my opinion they go that bit further to make your place spotless.”

No.1 for Customers

Our proposition is unique in that we charge for cleaning by the job and not by the hour.
In our opinion, an hourly rate doesn’t really tell you much. It doesn’t tell you how long the work will take, what will get done or how good it will be. Brighton Housekeeping gives you a fixed price for your cleaning.

You can see our cleaning packages and prices on our website and you have options to customise the packages to suit your exact requirements.

You can be assured of the cost, assured of what service you will receive and you will be assured of high standards.

No.1 for Cleaners

We spend a great deal of time searching for the best cleaners in Brighton who will uphold our high standards and delight you with their work.
All of our cleaners are vetted and DBS-checked to ensure your safety and security. You can trust us in your home.
We employ all our cleaners and give them regular hours and we pay them above the Living Wage. We have a great team who are happy, enjoy their work and stay with us. This means you keep the same cleaner, in some cases for years!
You can read what it’s like to work at Brighton Housekeeping on our page on

No.1 for Reputation

Every day we work hard to make sure our customers are happy with our service and our ethical approach to our employees.
The main reasons our customers come to us, and stay with us, are the high standard or our work, our friendly and professional approach, the way we employee our cleaners and look after them and our great reviews.
You can read our reviews on Google and Trustpilot and FreeIndex and
Our customer reviews will give you the reassurance that you will get a fantastic service from Brighton Housekeeping
A leading Brighton-based professional cleaning company.
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A leading Brighton and Hove based professional domestic cleaning company delivering a high-quality, reliable cleaning service provided by professional, friendly, trusted cleaners in Brighton & Hove for over 9 years.