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A high quality, reliable service provided by friendly, trusted cleaners.

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1. We employ all of our staff and all tax and NI is accounted for.
This means your cleaner has important employment benefits such as pension, holiday pay and sick pay and that they are treated fairly.

2. Your cleaner is fully insured.
We hold Public Liability insurance, Employee Liability insurance and Key-holder insurance.

3. We conduct reference, identity and UK Right to Work and UK CRB checks.
You can trust our staff in your home.

4. Our cleaners are paid above Living Wage.
We do not exploit our staff. We believe their hard work should be rewarded and they should have good working conditions.

5. We invoice you monthly so you can set up a standing order.
No more searching around for the correct money. One less thing to do.

6. We send you the same people each week.
Some of our cleaners have been with us over 3 years. They get to know how you like things done.

7. When surveyed, all of our clients rate us Good or Excellent, and would recommend us to others.
Some of our customers have been with us over 5 years.

8. We hold keys for most of our clients. Giving you an added level of convenience.
Your keys are insured and safe with us.

9. We only provide domestic cleaning - you're our No.1 priority.
We rely on keeping all of our customers very happy, not just one or two large, lucrative contracts.

10. A high-quality, reliable service provided by friendly, trusted cleaners.
We have more reviews and BETTER reviews on Google than any of the other companies around.