Please use the form below to contact us regarding Regular cleaning services.
Or call us on 07887 479221.

For One-off cleans please use our SOS Cleaning Service.

You can find full details on our Pricing page.

Areas outside the orange line may incur an additional £6 charge for travel time.

Fortnightly Regular Cleaning Booking Form
Please let us know if you are making a booking or an enquiry. *
Understanding monthly costs. We will invoice you on the 1st of each month and request payment is made by the 8th. You are paying in advance of some of the cleaning taking place.  We will calculate your monthly payments as follows: Weekly cost multiplied by 52 weeks (26 on a fortnightly contract), divided by 12 months.  Some months will have 5 cleans (3 cleans on a fortnightly) if they are longer months (depending on how the days of the week fall in the month).   Calculating your invoice this way enables us to charge you the same amount each month, which enables you to set up a standing order and not have the inconvenience of making a bank transfer each month. *