Health & Safety

Your safety, the safety of your colleagues and the safety of our customers and the general public are of the highest importance.

Safety is the responsibility of all of us!

Read the company H&S Policy and ask your manager if you are unsure about any of the contents.
If you see H&S procedures being ignored report them to your manager.
If you think that the procedures need amending speak to your manager.
Follow the instructions regarding safe working practices. Report any accidents to your manager.
Always read the instruction labels on cleaning products so you know how to use them safely.

Never put your own safety, or the safety of others at risk when completing a job.

You are not required to, nor should you:
climb to any heights
lift any heavy objects
deal with any hazardous waste

Plan - we need to asses the risk and takes steps to make our workplace safe.
Consult - we need to challenge procedures or requests if we think they create danger. Report issues and make suggestions to your manager.
Improve - we need to be continuously assessing our workplace, identifying new risks and modifying the way we work to reduce the risks.

Health & Safety