5Apr 2019
Apr 5, 2019

Our Mission = No.1 Company for Cleaners in Brighton

Cleaners in Brighton

Cleaners in Brighton providing a high-standard cleaning service. Our DBS checked cleaners in Brighton are the No.1 cleaners in Brighton. View prices book online

The No.1 Company for Cleaners in Brighton

Our aim is simple

No.1 for our Customers – No.1 for our Cleaners – No.1 for Reputation

I started 8 years ago, on my own, cleaning one house.  Above all, I made sure I delighted my customer with the standard of cleaning my cleaning.

From that first day I have achieved what I set out to do, and consistently deliver high standards of cleaning.

I have been determined to provide a good working environment for our employees and as a result, we have a wonderful team of people who we are really proud of.

Some may think it’s a bold statement to say we are The No.1 Company for Cleaners in Brighton.

This is both a statement of our aims and of our achievements.  All of our customers would say we are No.1, our employees say we are No.1, and our excellent reviews back-up our reputation.

No.1 for Customers

We always ask why people choose us.  The most common response is because of our reviews and the clarity we provide around service and pricing.  They also like the way we look after our employees.

We think our proposal is unique in Brighton.  We charge by the job and not by the hour.

In our opinion, an hourly rate doesn’t really tell you much. It doesn’t tell you how long the work will take, what will get done or how good it will be.

We have removed this uncertainty by giving you a fixed price for your cleaning.  We publish our cleaning packages together with prices on our website.  You have options to customise the packages to suit your exact requirements.

This means, you’re assured of the cost, the service you will receive and assured of high standards.

No.1 for our Cleaners

A great deal of time is spent searching for the best cleaners who will deliver our high standards and delight you with our service.

We DBS-check cleaners to ensure your safety and security, so you can trust us in your home.

Most importantly, all of our cleaners are employed by us and are paid above the Living Wage.  They have regular hours that fit around their commitments and a good working environment.  We have a great team who are happy, enjoy their work and stay with us, which means you keep the same cleaner, in some cases for years!

Our team have written about working at Brighton Housekeeping on our company page on Indeed.co.uk

No.1 for Reputation

We work hard to delight our customers with our service and to maintain our ethical approach to employment. The main reasons our customers come to us (and stay with us): The high standard of our work; our friendly professional approach; our simple pricing plans, fair employment practices; and our great reviews.

You can read our reviews on Google and Trustpilot and FreeIndex and Yell.com.

If you’re thinking of hiring a cleaner our online booking system is quick and easy.  If you have any questions please get in touch.

You can find out a bit more about us on Facebook and Twitter


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