Mar 1, 2017

Finding (and keeping) a great cleaner in Brighton and Hove


Following on from our previous post, Are you thinking about getting a cleaner?

We will assume, at this point, that you have found someone who is trustworthy and has the skills needed. 

We will also assume that you have done some checks on your new cleaner: You’ve got references for them; they have provided you with proof that they can work in the UK; you have checked that they are who they say they are (Identity check); you have a police check or DBS/CRB check for them.

What is your commitment to this relationship? How long are you planning on requiring this service?  Does their commitment match yours? How much time do you have to deal with all of this?

If your cleaner is not committed you may find a succession of different people coming through your door each week, all needing a fresh explanation of your requirements. If your cleaner holds your keys, they will be passed around each time the cleaner changes.

You will, undoubtedly, want to hold on to the great cleaner you have found, if for no other reason than to avoid the issues listed above. And if/when the time comes that your cleaner quits the job, you will want to make sure that you find an equally good replacement quickly.

Once your cleaner starts working for you they become reliant on you paying them each week.  This really should include the times that you don’t need them – your holidays being a good example.  Their regular monthly living expenses don’t stop when you go on holiday.  You should also consider paying them for the time they are on holiday and are sick.

For some, cleaning seems to be considered an unskilled job that deserves a minimal payment.  A lot of people seem to have a magic figure of £10 per hour in their mind.  We disagree!  If you’ve ever had a bad cleaner you will appreciate the skill required to keep your home clean and take care of everything in your home.

If your cleaner is underpaid they will always be looking for the next (better) job – the one that will pay them what they are worth, so don’t expect to hang on to the good ones for very long!  Paying the right price for the level of service you require is essential – or the cleaner will not have the means, or the will to continue.

From April, the minimum wage in the UK will increase to £7.50 per hour.  Once holiday pay is added to this the hourly cost is £8.41 for anyone over 25 who is employed.  We keep our running expenses very low and it still costs us a great deal more that £10 per hour to send a cleaner out, once the cost of wages, employment benefits, VAT, Corporation Tax, Insurance, and the other costs associated with running a legitimate company are taken in to account.  I think it is fair to say that the days of getting a great cleaner for £10 per hour are disappearing fast, if not already long-gone!

Some people choose to deal with all of this themselves, and that will work well if you have time and find someone who will do a fantastic job for you.   Others will use a company to handle the arrangements on their behalf.

At Brighton Housekeeping, we employ all our cleaners.  We think this is an important commitment to the people who we rely on to deliver a great service to you.  Our cleaners are paid above the Living Wage and receive employment benefits such as holiday & sick pay and pension.

Our aim is to create a working environment that makes people want to stay, and one which makes them want to do a good job every day.  We often hear our cleaners say, ‘I love my customers, they are so nice.”  It’s good to hear that.

We create a good working environment by treating our cleaners respectfully, paying them above the living wage – so they don’t feel they are being exploited – and by supporting them day-to-day.   That’s a few of the ways we get commitment from our team.

We take the responsibility of finding and keeping a great cleaner in Brighton and Hove so you don’t have to.  It’s our full-time job to make sure that your cleaner does a great job for you each week, and if they are not available, another one of our fantastic cleaners will clean for you instead.

Making sure that your cleaner is happy and stays is good for them, good for the company and good for you!

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In the meantime, have a look at the 10 things we consider to be important when thinking about selecting a cleaning service.

If the decision has been made to employ a cleaner in Brighton and Hove, pop over to our Pricing page and book your cleaning service online today!  Have a look at our Google reviews too – we’re very proud of them. You can find out a bit more about us on Facebook and Twitter

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