6Feb 2018
Feb 6, 2018

An essential guide to employing a cleaner

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An essential guide to employing a cleaner

Are you trying to find a great Brighton Cleaner?

Now that spring is on its way, the brighter mornings and evenings expose the dusty surfaces and other grubby areas that are easily hidden in the dark depths of winter.  I suppose that’s why it’s called Spring Cleaning!

Maybe you have made the decision to get a cleaner; you’d better make sure you find a good one.  Find the wrong person and you will be wishing you never had the idea in the first place.  Trust me, I know.

What do you look for when selecting a cleaner for your home?  There are several priorities to consider, and these will vary according to your situation:


Trust and Security

Trust has got to be very high on the list, if not right up there at the top.  The person you let into your home will have free run of every room, access to your possessions and will most probably have contact with your family, children and pets if you have them.  You are giving your cleaner a huge amount of responsibility, and you must be absolutely sure you can trust them.

High Standards 

An essential factor is, can they clean to the high standard you require.  Very often, the expectations we have when we clean for ourselves are not quite as high as when we are paying someone to do it for us.  Also, think about what else they are required to do: will they need to iron, tidy and organise your home?  Do they have the skills and the eye for detail that’s required?

Reliability and Consistency

It’s also important that you get the same cleaner each time and that they are reliable.  There’s nothing worse than a constant churn of new people who are not familiar with your home and your requirements, or the disappointment to come home and find that the cleaner has not turned up.


You can trust any one of our Brighton cleaners in your home.   We carry out several checks to ensure we have confidence in the people we are sending in to your home (including UK CRB, UK Right-to-Work, Identity and Reference checks).  All our cleaners are trained to meet our exacting standards.  We would rather turn new customers away than employ people who cannot deliver our very high standards – our long-established and excellent reputation has to be maintained!


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In the meantime, have a look at the 10 things we consider to be important when thinking about selecting a cleaning service.

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