Aug 30, 2015

Should you feel guilty about hiring a cleaner?

Looking around on the internet, there seems to be a lot of articles discussing whether we should feel guilty about hiring a cleaner?  Do you?  Would you?  Why?

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Should you feel guilty about hiring a cleaner?

  1. admin says:

    Personally, I don’t hire a cleaner. The control-freak in me likes to take charge and most of the time I prefer to do it myself. Then there are other times – the times when I’ve had a busy day and the house looks like a bomb has hit it. That’s when I would be so grateful to have someone arrive and put everything back in order. I would never feel guilty about hiring a cleaner, no more than I would feel guilty about going out for a meal. After all, I can cook. But that doesn’t stop me enjoying the fact that someone else will be doing the cooking, serving and washing up. When my home is clean and tidy I function better. I find working in a mess difficult, and I hate to lose precious time on the weekends cleaning the house.

    I quite like cleaning (a lot of people find this strange). If I’m in the mood for it, I find it relaxing and therapeutic. If I didn’t like cleaning, or didn’t have the time I would hire a cleaner.

    If you are paying your cleaner a good (living) wage and treating them well, I can’t see what there is to feel guilty about.

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